You Make me Laugh!

Another layout of my youngest who is always happy to pose for me unlike my teenager!

After a difficult entrance into this world involving being in the special care baby unit for a week after his birth, with the nurses running out of places to take blood samples, this little guy has always managed to make us smile and laugh with his outgoing nature.

This photo was taken when we had arrived on holiday a few years ago and I had bought the customary sticker and colouring in books to keep him occupied. Only to find out when I came down from unpacking that he had stuck all of the stickers to himself!

Laugh has been stitched onto a piece of plain paper and I will journal 
this story on the back.

I added some thread to the buttons, a huge paper clip and let this colourful paper speak for itself!

He still makes me chuckle most days and is now the tallest in Year 3. Obviously that tiny little baby in special care grew up!

Tracey xx


Paper Pixie Handmade Cards said...

Awww your wee darling fab page K x

Sandra said...

Oh gorgeous, and adding thread makes it look really fun. What a great picture :) your title is perfect as its true, it makes you laugh

Deb said...

oh so cute, love this fun layout and what a fabulous story to remember!

Little Leslie said...

I love the look of the flower and birdies. Wonderful!

Little Leslie said...

Thanks Tracey, for the compliment. My friend showed me the Cricut and my sewing machine that I've had for 3 years and done nothing with, so all in all, it was a great day.

I'll write if I need help.
Thanks again,

Paula Gale said...

aawwww so sweet. I remember catching K when he was about 18 months old - he had coloured himself in, scribbling on bits that shouldn't be scribbled on with crayola felt tips that were supposed to be washable...

these moments are all special memories one day - even if you can't be seen to be laughing at the time (can't encourage that kind of behaviour!!!).

He'll thank you for this one when he's

Paula x x x

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