A Breakfast Treat

We had some bananas that had seen better days in the fruit bowl and I couldn't see them going to waste.

I used this recipe here to make some quick banana muffins. 
I had some little chunks of fudge so I added them too.

Appart from the muffins, there is something else that has been 
making us smile at our table this week.....

This colourful cutlery set, a different pattern on every piece. 
You can't match them up, but we like that and they make us smile!
 They can be bought here.

Have a wonderful week!

Tracey xx


Clare said...

Wow these look totally yum darlin!!!. They look amazing. I am loving the cutlery set too. I have seen them, very retro and saw them when I was on my hunt for my red & white polka dot set!!!. Wow 3 days to go before your Birthday, wish I had your addy. Mine is on the 21st. Hope you are going to be doing some fun stuff on your day!!!. Big hugs lovely xxx

Little Leslie said...

The cutlery is cute, and now I'm hankering for a muffin. Thanks Tracey. haha

Sandra said...

I've not thought of putting fudge in my banana muffins before, thanks for the idea :) I'll certainly give it a go next time.

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