Halloween Bunting

Whilst browsing through Pinterest the other day I came across this site with free Halloween printable bunting. 

Now there were a million other things I should be doing (and none of them involved browsing Pinterest) but I couldn't resist making a quick Halloween banner to go over our fireplace in the kitchen.

This was such a quick project to make, I simply printed the bunting onto card, and cut it out.

I then added some different trim to the edges of each one...

Some with paper, some with lace..

Some ribbon, I used up lots of left over bits and pieces!

I punched two holes at the top of each piece of bunting and thread twine through it. I printed the circular pictures on the last page and used them to cover up the joins.

I also wanted to turn the fairy lights that I always have on the fireplace into halloween lights. Using an oval punch I punched out five ovals from orange polka dot paper, I inked the edges with some distressed ink and glued them together. I drew the eyes and nose with a Sharpie pen.

I used my Cropadile to punch holes in the eyes and pushed the fairly lights, which do not get hot, through the holes!

Have a Happy Halloween!


My Little Fella

I have been meaning to do a page about my little fella's feet for a few months now. Even when I sat on the tree house with him, I thought I must take a photo and do a page about how much his stripy socks and crocs make me smile.

We had been given permission from his school to take the day off to go an see the Olympic Torch in Southend. We made it more of an adventure by taking the train on the very short journey.  After being offered lunch out as a treat he turned it down saying that he would rather have sandwiches an eat them in the tree house.

At the time we had some decorating work going on outside the house so the treehouse was full of garden furniture, but still we perched on the edge of the steps and ate our feast of peanut butter sandwiches!

I looked at his stripy socks in his crocs and thought how sweet he is and how I love to spend time with him and love that he loves to spend time with me!

Have a great week, what ever you are doing.


A lovely Saturday Afternoon

Last Saturday was a great day, we watched our youngest play tennis then we went for a walk along the beach to our local restuarant had a bottle of wine, some yummy lunch and then a lovely walk home.

I only had my i-phone with me so when I saw the beautiful sky I had to take some photos. When I got home I was quite pleased with them!

Did I mention the desserts were good too? 

Good job we walked them off afterwards!

Have a great weekend!


Beautiful Orange

Last week I was at Sugar and Spice taking a class with Nina and she told us that we would be making a card with one of Marion's new stamps called Chevrons.  She got out some orange paper, ribbon and felt and I thought 'Oh No!'

I would never dream of making a card in orange, I don't have anything against the colour, its just not one of the safe colours I use in card making. And this is why the class is so good, because it makes you use things you perhaps wouldn't usually and you may even find that you like it!

I love Marion's new stamp which was also stamped in orange, its great for scrapbooking and card making and very trendy at the moment. Check it out here.

We cut some felt hearts and glued them to paperclips with a hot glue gun.

Beautiful ribbon tied to a paperclip...

Another heart, these can be taken off and used as bookmarks.

I love this card, it has encouraged me to be a bit more daring with my use of colour. Who wouldn't be cheered by a lovely bright card like this!

I hope that you are having a good week.


Quick Thank You Cards

My youngest son had his 9th birthday a few weeks ago and after going to the cinema with four friends, having tea at home with a chocolate fountain and a sleepover (where they stayed up until 2.30 am until I sat in a corner of the bedroom until they stopped talking!) he had to write his Thank You cards!

I bought some from a shop (shame on me!) but unfortunately some got a bit smudged and some were too messy to send so instead of going out any buying another packet I decided to make some.

I used a digikit by Lauren Grier from Sweet Shoppe Designs, I can't find a link so I think it may be retired. 

I added some 3D eyes and added glossy accents.

This is from the same kit, some more cute little monsters!

 More glossy accents added to them.

Such fun and so easy to make, it took me less time than going to the shops to get another packet of cards!

And birthday boy like them too!

Have a wonderful weekend, what ever you are doing!


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