My Little Fella

I have been meaning to do a page about my little fella's feet for a few months now. Even when I sat on the tree house with him, I thought I must take a photo and do a page about how much his stripy socks and crocs make me smile.

We had been given permission from his school to take the day off to go an see the Olympic Torch in Southend. We made it more of an adventure by taking the train on the very short journey.  After being offered lunch out as a treat he turned it down saying that he would rather have sandwiches an eat them in the tree house.

At the time we had some decorating work going on outside the house so the treehouse was full of garden furniture, but still we perched on the edge of the steps and ate our feast of peanut butter sandwiches!

I looked at his stripy socks in his crocs and thought how sweet he is and how I love to spend time with him and love that he loves to spend time with me!

Have a great week, what ever you are doing.



Anonymous said...

Aww, Tracey, what a lovely post!! A gorgeous page and the title is perfect as they grow up so fast. Lovely photos of your little man.

Clare said...

Hey Tracey girl!!! I am so sorry that I have not been to visit in a while. I stand with my head bowed and hope that I am forgiven!!!. I have had a very busy few weeks and the DT is taking up heaps of time too. I will send you an email for an update shortly. How gorgeous is this layout!!!. And how darn cute are those socks and crocs!!!. The paper and embellishment are just lovely. Great to see you blogging again hun. Big hugs Clare xxxx

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