Are you ready for Halloween??????

The kids and I have had a fun day here getting ready for Halloween. The pumpkins have been carved.....

And the costumes are hanging ready to be worn. We are going to a friends house for a party tomorrow and the kids are so excited!

It's another sister-in-laws birthday today, Jess is a drama student and is on her second year of a three year course so I made this card for her.

And this one is from the kids

The image is from Microsoft Office clip art and the background papers are from Pink Petticoat and the sentiments were done on the computer!

That's all. Have a Happy Halloween!

Tracey x

Not Much Going On!

I haven't been doing much card making lately as I have been getting stuck in to my photography course and getting homework, I haven't done that for twenty years! 

I have also been having a play with my blog and changing a few bits. Unfortunately my photos disappeared so I need to add them back on! What do you think?

I made a card for my friend to give to her mum who, as she said, is her best friend and loves lilac. I decided to make the words the most important thing on the card and did this on the PC. My friend then came round and chose this patterned paper from Pink Petticoat which I layered onto some purple and lilac card.

It was also my sister-in-law's 14th birthday and I tried to think of a card that was a little more sophisticated for her.

Again the patterned paper and image is from Pink Petticoat. I'm so glad that I discovered this site as I am not much of a stamper and its helped me with loads of cards!

I have another sister-in-law card and auntie card to post tomorrow, with my husband having seven sisters I make quite alot of them!

Have a lovely week all.

Tracey x

Lots of Birthdays!

Hello Bloggers! Hope you are all having a great week, although its getting cold isn't it! Goodness there seems to be so many birthdays this month! I have used this Pink Petticoat image again for a birthday card for one of our friends. I really like this image as it can be used for anyone! The background paper is from Pink Petticoat too.

I have made a football themed card for my son's football mad friend with an image of the internet.

Finally I made this card as a birthday card for a dear friend but it could equally be used for an engagement, wedding or valentines card.

I have started to look at some more quick and easy Christmas Cards as a lot of my friends have asked me to make some. It is lovely to give a handmade card but when you need 50 or more its not quite so easy or cost effective to have them handmade so I have been looking at ways to produce some cards quickly but with a handmade touch to keep the costs down.

I have downloaded these images from microsoft clip art and added a sentiment at the bottom and also added some bling or glitter. The sentiment can be changed to whatever my friends want and I can add any kind of message on the inside. I'm not suggesting you give these to your nearest and dearest but maybe collegues and those who are not quite so close to your heart, what do you think?

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!

Tracey x

Cute little Critter!

Hi all, hope you are all having a good week! The title has nothing to do with my cards but more to do with this funny fella who I caught in the garden yesterday!

The lengths he went to to eat the bird food was so funny and about three foot away there was a squirrel feeder filled with sweetcorn! Anyway he looked like he was having lots of fun in the rain and I shall keep a look out for the little guy today.

I have had another scrapbook class at Sugar and Spice in Barleylands Craft Village this week and I made this page.

I have started a digital photography course and was trying to get the kids to pose for me on the weekend but they just looked un-natural and were quickly getting bored so I said to my son Tom, just laugh! And this was the photo I caught which I really like.

Anyway that was what I decided to use in my layout along with a little note to tell him how much I love him. Going to do one of Olly next but he is always laughing so that one should not be too hard!

It's my friend Liza's twins birthday tomorrow so I have been busy making their cards. I wanted to keep them similar but as one is a girl and the other a boy I decided to change the colours for each of them.

For Max

and for Ella. I have also made a couple of christmas cards to add to the collection.

The stamp is from and the papers are from Pink Petticoat and then back to the animal theme, I have made this one.

This stamp is from and coloured rather badly with promarkers.
Anyway just to end this blog on a happy note the little squirrel did manage get something to eat.

But now I have to take the dog for a walk because he is a little bit hyper! Have a good week!

Tracey x
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