One for the Ladies!

I am really enjoying using my Pink Petticoat Papers and images at the moment and now I have worked out how to use the paint program on my computer, I am colouring them in on that and then printing them off!

This one has different backing papers but I can't remember where I downloaded them from.

Is it cheating to do it on the computer? I'm not sure but its great if you need a card quickly!

Tracey x

Sunshine and Glitter

The weather has been fantastic and has made my card making take on a glitter theme as everything seems so sparkly in the sunshine!

I have made a couple of cards to add to my stash whilst I wait for inspiration for the cards that I have orders for!

I had a go at stamping and embossing this cupcake which I had not done before and think it turned out ok. On the idea that you can never have to much cake, I tried a brighter cupcake card.

I would still much rather be eating one than making one though! I had a card to do for a friend's husband, he likes golf so I came up with this idea which I guess you can substitute for any sporting photo for a man.

I thought that I would lay of the glitter for his card as I don't think he would appreciate it! Well I had better be off now, need to take my youngest son to Waitrose for a cookery class with his friends, hopefully they will be making cupcakes!

Tracey x

Where do you keep your crafting stuff?

I have been trying to organise my crafting bits and pieces so that they are a bit tidier and don't take over the whole house. I have an orangery on the back of my house and like to make my cards in this room as its so lovely and light, however it is a room that the whole family like to spend time in so I need to keep my stuff tidy! I thought that these drawers that I have decorated may help!

I got the drawers from Ikea and painted them to match the colours in my room. I used my papers that I had downloaded from Pink Petticoat and put them through my Xyron machine which laminates the front and adds permanent glue to the back and then cut them to shape. I first got this idea from where some other crafters had done the same thing. It took me all day to make two sets of these but Im really pleased with them and once I have filled in the labels, I will know where to lay my hands on my bits and pieces whilst keeping them out of sight! Leave your comments and let me know where you like to do your crafting and any storage tips you may have.

Tracey x

I have had quite a few cards to make for friends recently ......

This one was a reply to a evening wedding invitation but my friend said that the invitation had an aeroplane on it as the couple were actually flying to somewhere exotic to get married.

I managed to find an image on clip art and with a little jigging about printed the Evening Acceptance lettering and added a bit of bling because it is for a wedding! The backing paper is Damask from Pink Petticoat, a great site where you can either download backing papers and images or have them sent on disc.

I also made a Thinking of You card for a friend...

I tried to keep this one relatively simple as I think the words say it all. I made a few other cards which I will post soon, with the kids being off school for the last three weeks for Easter I have had trouble keeping up!

It has been a lovely weekend here, we have managed to have our second BBQ this year! Im trying to make the most of it as we barely managed any last summer! Did anyone go to the Stamping Show at Alexandra Palace this weekend? If so please let me know if it was any good as I may make an effort to go next time its on!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Tracey x

My Take on the Camper Van Theme ..

We have just returned from a four day trip to Disney Paris where the weather was lovely and we wore t-shirts the whole time. Sadly now we are home its raining and with the last few days of the kids easter break left I guess we won't be hitting the park today!

A friend asked me to make a birthday card for her nephew who loves camper vans. I have not really started doing rubber stamping yet so had to find my image elsewhere!

I downloaded a free paper with images of camper vans from and this is what I did with it. I hope that he likes it!

I also had to make a card for my friends sister who loves rainbow colours and motorbikes.

This one was quite hard as there are not alot of female friendly images of motorbikes out there, but I think this one from clip art was just about right for someone who loves rainbow colours!

I have been looking into rubber stamping but am a little nervous as there is so much stuff out there! I have a few stamps that I am going to try to use but need to get some more stamp pads so that I have a choice of colours. Please leave your comments on what stamp pads you like to use and any hints and tips on stamping to get me started!

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

I wanted to give my friend a heart shaped crystal necklace as a gift for her birthday and as I am in to cards, I thought I would try to find a way to incorporate it into her birthday card as a suprise!

The heart is Swarovski Crystal and I made it into a necklace with some jewellery ribbon and clasp which is held in a small envelope on the inside of the front page of the card.

She loved it, only problem is that when the necklace is removed, the card doesn't look much! I tried putting something underneath the heart so that you could see it when the necklace was taken off but that didn't look right. A work in progress I think, I will need to tinker with this idea, any suggestions would be appreciated!

Well Here Goes!

This is my first post on my blog and I have no idea what I am doing! I have been making handmade cards for a couple of months now and am a member of the DoCrafts website where I have been gallerying my cards. I notice that alot of members have their own blogs and thought that I would give it a try! I have been making cards for friends and relatives and have also taken on some paid orders. I hope to be able to upload some of my cards to share with you soon!

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