Love 24 Years On....

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Hubby and I are away in one of the most romantic cities in the world with lots to celebrate this week. 

There is valentines day, my 40th birthday and most importantly 24 years together. Since my 16th birthday we have been a couple. I never thought when I said yes, we could go out all those years ago that I would still be with this guy when I am 40.. but I am glad that I am!

And where are we?  

Can you guess?

Truly one of the most stunning places in the world.

Home tomorrow, but can't wait to come back!

Have a wonderful valentines day.

Tracey xxx


Deb said...

when I saw 24 I thought really thats a long time then I worked it out and my hub and me met then too! It doesn't seem like it! Happy Birthday and how lucky are you, I so love Venice. I spent a month year, before I met my hubby though, must go back with him! have a fabulous break!

Mandy said...

Aww my little Essex girl, happy birthday, happy anniversary and happy Valentines day :)
You sound so like me and hubbs, we've been together since I was 16 and this year we've been married 25 years, God knows how as I'm not old enough lol. I think we've definitely showed all the people who said it wouldn't last they got it very wrong :)
Beautiful piccy's hun, I hope you've had a really wonderful time
big hugs Mandy xx

Sandra said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary. We visited Venice for our 20th anniversary a few years ago, and oohhhh my we Loved it ... Enjoy xx

Clare said...

Wow Tracey what a wonderful way to celebrate Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine's Day!!!. Bet you had an amazing time girl!!!. So romatic. Thanks for sharing lovey. Hugs Clare xxx

Paula Gale said...

OMG - I had no idea... did I even realise it was your 40th this year... I don't think I did. I thought it was next year. I feel bad now. Pah. So so sorry hunni.

Anyway - me and Darren have been together since I was just 16 (and a couple of weeks). We married when I was 20, so this will be our 21st wedding anniversary this year, together 25 years. Well done to you both - many congratulations.

All my love

Paula x x x

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