Soup for the Soul

I have not been making many cards at the moment, after Christmas I just decided to take a break, do more scrapbooking and photography and most of all concentrate on getting better at cooking!

I have never really loved cooking, I cook because I have to, but I am beginning to enjoy it and the more I make, the more confident I get to try something else.

With the cold weather I have been making soups, this is pea soup, simmering on the hob.

The recipe can be found here on BBC Good Food. 
I also made Tomato and Basil soup which my boys love.

I also made some really easy breadsticks which I saw on Lorraine Pascale's Baking Made Easy programme.

My husband is the master at making Risotto's and kindly showed me how to make this Butternut Squash Risotto which is delicious!

It's a small start but seems to be going down well with the family. 

Enjoy your week!

Tracey xxx


Deb said...

your soup looks delish, must try the pea one! I love to make soups but must admit to just throwing whatever is in the bottom of the fridge into the slow cooker and hope for the best!

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