The Perfect Partner for the Smash Book

This is my new partner in crime for Smash Booking, the Polariod Pogo.

Its small, portable, runs on Zink Technology (Zero Ink so no cartridges), runs off Li-ion rechargebale batteries and prints sticky back photos in 60 Seconds that are dry to touch and waterproof as soon as they come out!

If you have an android phone you can print direct to the printer via bluetooth but NOT if you have an I-Phone as the bluetooth is not capable of linking with a Pogo. You would need to go via your computer's bluetooth or print or by using Pictbridge via your camera if it supports it. More information can be found on Amazon here.

Here I have printed via bluetooth from my mac a pretty little bird photo.

Some primula's that I photographed on my i-phone printed via my mac the quality is not bad at all!

Some other photos that I took with my I-phone and have printed via my mac, some funny painted eggs that I saw in Canary Wharf on my birthday, they were massive!

With I-Cloud all photos taken with my I-Phone are automatically transferred onto my Mac and PC so printing onto the Pogo is easy. It would be great for taking on holiday where you can take your photo, print it and put it into your Smash Book straight away!

Enjoy your weekend, we have the air show here this weekend so will be sitting in the garden having a bbq watching the planes fly past!

Tracey x


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