Taking Time Out to Enjoy the Little Things

My little fella has two weeks off this half term and we have spent our first couple of days chilling out and doing the things that we used to do before he was at school.

We have been to the park and fed the swans.

We drank hot chocolate in the cafe in the park. We played on the swings and slides.....

We have admired the trees, flowers, sun and the nature that surrounds us.

We have walked the dog, watched a film in bed and another with a blanket on the sofa.

He has reminded me what it is like to be eight, to be care free, to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and make the most of the day!

I hope you are all having a great week!

Tracey x


Deb said...

so nice to enjoy the school holidays together. Ours only have 2 days off, today and tomorrow!
have a great day, Debxx

Little Leslie said...

Very mellow, good for you!

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