A Blog Award!

My beautiful friend Clare has kindly passed this award on to me. She has lots of lovely creations on her blog as well as news of her fund raising for St.Wilfred's Hospice and card making sessions with the lovely people there, take a look here.

After getting the award you have to:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award.  Thank you so much Clare for thinking of me, I am thrilled to bits!

2) Post the award. Yep done that!

3) List 3 things you about yourself

I was a model for Tixylix (the childrens cough medicine) when I was a child and a little photo of me happily taking my medicine was on chemist counters up and down the country

I am vegetarian and have been for 22 years and forget that not everyone else is!

I have been with my hubby since our school days and only went out with him for a laugh. 23 years later we are still together.

4) Post a favourite photo

The fella's in my life. I love them to bits! On holiday, relaxed and happy. Good Times!

5) Tag 5 people you would like to pass this award on to;
                                                 Andy aka Hubby! (Is that cheating?)

When I first received a blog award I hardly knew anyone to pass it on to, how times have changed, now I can think of lots of blogs that inspire me and I enjoy reading. Check out these blogs for some wonderful inspiration.

Have a wonderful week!

Tracey x


Little Leslie said...

Thank you, Tracy, for becoming a follower on my blog. I love your cards. This is such an exciting time in our lives, to be able to meet creative people all over the country and world, and to be inspired to create for oneself. I'll e watching for new things from you.

Little Leslie said...

Thanks again,Tracey, for checking out my blog. Your comments are so nice. Take care,

stephanne said...

Hi Tracey!! Well, as you are already well aware, I am quite possibly the worst award receiver in BlogLand, lol!! So please do forgive me for taking so long to get over here to cordially accept your nomination for the cherry on top award, lol!! Such a sweet picture of the fella's in your life and neat to learn a little more about you!!
hugs, stephanne

Oh yeah, nominating hubby is definitely cheating!!

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