Bug Boy at it Again!

Warning! Close up photos of Insects - Look away if you don't like them!

Anyone who regularly passes by my blog will know that my youngest son has a passion for bugs, creepy crawlies and anything you can find out in the garden, so it didn't suprise me when he came running in with this yesterday...  

See those lovely dirty fingers? Yes bug boy was back but with a snail this time! I rarely ever get my SLR camera out but with nothing better to do I took some more photo's in the garden.

Bug Boy feeding the snail, look at the beautiful colours of his little house!

And the snail going for a climb.

I have also bought some plants for the garden, this beautiful hydranga.

And these winter Cyclamen which had just been watered.

Finally, indoors I found these..

Not sure what it is, and neither did bug boy, but it obviously wanted a rest from being outside. I am going to enter this photo into the Macro Monday Challenge on Lisa's blog here. I only found this blog today and there are some stunning photos there.  I also found this hairy fellow..

Which I was not so keen on, but he sat still for a photo and then did a little dance with his back legs so must have been a bit of a performer! I hope that you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend, leave a comment and let me know what you have been upto!

Tracey x


Deb said...

cute little snail and I love the dragonfly but that little fly not so much, fabulous photo though, great details! hugs Debx

Christina said...

Lovely flowers! Cute little snail! I'm enjoying all the dragonfly entries! Yuck, a fly, but amazing detail!

Paula Gale said...

wow Tracey - awesome photography. You certainly are a budding phographer - you'll be freelancing in the National Geographic next!!!

I really love bug boys love of creepy crawlies, but can't get over the worm farm he had you make!!!

BIG hugs to you

Paula x x x

lisaschaos said...

Sorry for my tardiness in popping by. My youngest son was/is our bug boy too! He's always finding me things to photograph, and things that we don't know what they are. :) Nice images!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful series of photos!

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