Back from hols with some exciting news..

We have just returned from our family holiday in Italy. We are totally in love with the country, the food, the wine and the people!  We are also totally in love with the landscape and architecture, we stayed in Umbria, next to Tuscany. 

Fields of sunflowers are out at the moment stretching as far as the eye can see..

The weather was changable and there were some magnificent thunder storms that you could see rolling towards you from over the hills. Mixed with the sunset, they produced some magical colours and scenes that made me feel quite humble at the beauty of it all.

And most exciting was this sunset taken one beautiful evening...

When we took a walk up to our new adventure, what will be our home away from home, Hubby's dream. An old farmhouse with beautiful views of the valley. 
The structure is not great so the whole building will have to come down and will be rebuilt but all useable roof tiles, stone, beams etc will be set aside to be re-used in the new house. If you have an interest in property renovation then take a look a hubby's blog where he is going to record our journey with lots of photos.

Apologies for the non crafting post, let me know where in the world you love to visit!

Tracey x


Deb said...

oh wow, what a beautiful place, you are so lucky and what an interesting way to get your place in the sun, I will be glued to the blog to see how the house progresses! hugs Debx

stephanne said...

Where in the world I'd love to visit.... Your farm house!! That looks like a dream come true and congratulations on your new venture!! Your photos are gorgeous, by the way!!
hugs, stephanne

Mandy said...

Hey hun, what beautiful piccy's and what an exciting venture for you all, who wouldn't want a home from home in such a beautiful place.
You shouldn't be apologising for a non crafting post you mad woman lol
hugs Mandy xx

Ann said...

Gorgeous photos especially of the sunflowers and what a lovely dream. I do hope the house project goes well.

Clare said...

Wow tracey i have fallen in love with it just looking at the pics!!!. How exciting for you hun. If you pop over to my blog there is a little something there for you. Bi hugs Clare xxx

Paula Gale said...

Hey you - dark horse... i had no idea!!! I said in the last post we needed to catch up... seems you've got LOADS to tell me!!! LOL

WOW - i am so happy for you, you must be over the moon - somewhere for you to go whenever you want - i know how you love the place so how perfect.

Love the pics of sunsets and sunflowers - no wonder you love it so much.

Paula x x x

Little Leslie said...

I went to Tuscany, and stayed in a 300 year old farm house that looked exactly like your tear down. We stayed in the chianti region. great pics.

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