A Smashing Day!

Last weekend my friend and I went to a fantastic Smash Book Day run by the lovely Nina at  Sugar and Spice Crafts in Barleylands Craft Centre, Billericay. I have had my books for a few months now but have been too scared to write in them, nuts aren't I!

They are full of luscious papers a full description can be seen on
their You Tube page here.

Anyway I managed to start a few pages amoungst the tea drinking and nattering. I have made a start on the pink book which is just stuff for me but was also a bit naughty and bought the green and yellow ones too!

A page about my birthday...

And one about my birthday cake which was made by with the help of my friend Jennifer. It was scrummy and full of chocolate goodness!

More work to be done on this one about my love of colour, says she who is sitting here with grey trousers and a black top! 

A page about Harvey or fluffy no nuts as we call him, our lovely Norfolk Terrier..

Some of my little fellas drawings that he has given me, he loves drawing a landscape!

I am so glad I went on this class and saw some of the wonderful work that the other girls had created on their books.

Since then I have been I have been collecting ticket stubs and all sorts of bits and pieces and just quickly sticking them in.

I have also bought a few books to help with decorative writing and some to create ideas for doodling on the pages so once I have read them I will let you know if they are any good.

Have a great week!

Tracey x


Sandra said...

Lucky you, I bet it was a great class

Nina said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it chicken!

Mandy said...

Oh hun I am so with you on the being too scared to write in the smash books lol. I have had mine a few weeks, still not started a page but have ordered 5 more, madness lol.
I'll be a stalking you hunny to see what you come up with lol :)
hugs Mandy xx

Deb said...

I only just started on mine too, I am using the pink one too, love it! your pages are fabulous, would love to attend a Smash Book Day!

Dallying Debz said...

He He, that's so funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to "appreciate" her purchases before using them!

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