Whats Happening with the Weather?

Yes it's the school summer holidays and yes of course that means rain but this?

I don't know if you can see from this photo but we have hail and the bit of grass by the patio is actually under water! There was thunder and lightening too! The kids and I decided to watch a film and snuggle down so that was good.

We have also had Nanny Gorgonzola's funeral this week but thankfully the weather was much kinder to us.

Nanny Gorgonzola as she was known to our children passed away peacefully in her own home on 10 July 2009. She had a lovely send off this Wednesday and a gathering afterwards where her and grandad's friends had a dance and shared many happy memories of a lady who did so much for others and was a real part of her local community. Grandad has recently been introduced to my blog so I know he checks up on me, Grandad, you did her proud and I shall always remember Nanny's great sense of humour and her twinkling blue eyes.

As we are about to go on holiday I am trying to finish all of the cards that I have been asked to make. This one was a request from my friend's Aunt who wanted a 25th Wedding Anniversary Card that could be framed after it had been opened. I have only been making cards for five months and was quite nervous about making this card but thankfully the lady who had asked for it was quite specific about what she wanted and this is the finished piece.

It actually looks nicer than the photograph. The card is pearlesant and the two hearts on the front are genuine swarovski crystal and really catch the light beautifully. The hearts have been mounted on mulberry paper which I have fluffed out at the edges and this was then mounted onto some beautiful indian paper which has silver flecks in it. The names of the happy couple have been placed around the hearts with beads. Its quite a simple card to look at I didn't want to detract from the hearts which were quite expensive. I hope they like it!

I hope your week hasn't been as wet as ours and hope you all have a great weekend!

Tracey x


stephanne said...

I am sorry to hear about your nana, but glad she went peacefully :(
You are masterful at wedding cards, you amaze me!! Hope the weather shifts for you guys :(

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