Another Beautiful Day!

Hi all! Its been half term here so I have not got a great deal of card making done, I do have two worn out boys though! As time has been short, I have been looking at images on microsoft clip art and seeing what I can do with them.

This image I found under butterflies (also under swirls) and is really pretty. It was black but I re-coloured it to grey as that was more suitable for this Thinking of You card that I needed to make.

I also needed to make a card for a friend's son who loves cricket. As both her boys love cricket and I make their cards for her and from us, I was trying to find something that I had not used before and came up with this.

Finally I have had another go at stamping for a friend who has a lovely little dog a bit like my own. I must say I am still struggling with the colouring side and just using some basic watercolour pencils at the moment. I am thinking about getting some copics so if you have any opnions on them please let me know!

Well it looks like its going to be another beautiful day and my own little dog is wanting some breakfast and a walkies. Have a great day what every your doing! Tracey x


I have just been on an Acetate lesson and have therefore been trying to use this in my cards. It adds another dimension and is quite easy to do. I made this card for my boys to send to my mother in law who's birthday it is today!

I then made this card for a friend who wanted a wedding card so I thought I would mount the image onto acetate which made it look a bit more special.

Finally I made this card for my friend to give to her Neice who flies in her spare time. No acetate on this one but I did add some bling!

I have passed on my Honest Scrap award to seven other bloggers who I love to check in with regularly and thanks again to Gemma for passing it on to me. Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sunshine! Tracey x

My First Blog Award!

I am really chuffed, I have been awarded the Honest Scrap Award by the lovely Gemma over at Little Gems Bakery. Thanks for thinking of me Gemma you have made my day! There are some requirements to the award, I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link it. Then the hard part I must list Ten Honest Things about myself, put the scrap logo on my blog and select at least seven other worthy bloggers, list their links and hope that they follow the above three requirements also.

Here's my Ten Honest Things

1. I am very shy but really push my self not to be.
2. I absolutely cannot stop buying card making stuff!
3. I eat too many takeaways but they are nice!
4. I am a happy!
5. I love going out with my friends
6. I dislike confrontation
7. I spend too much time on the computer
8. I love my family to bits
9. I don't walk my dog as far as I should
10.I have an obsession with cutting stripes on my lawn!

I would like to pass this award on to the following lovely bloggers who have all given me lots of inspiration:

Debs and her daughter Lil G







I hope they enjoy the Honest Scrap Award! I will post some photos of my recent cards a little later. Enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, we have the airshow on in Southend today so we are hitting the beach with a picnic to watch the Red Arrows fly past! Take Care Tracey x

Lots of Babies!

Hi everyone I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. I have been making Baby Cards this week! A friend of ours has had twin girls so of course they had to have their own card each and another friend has had a baby boy so I made a couple of cards for myself and a friend to give to them.

Congratulations to both families!

I also had to make a card for a friend who did the Pink Bra race with her friend last year and wanted to give her a birthday card with a pink bra on it. I searched for loads of images but eventually made one of my own using my circut machine.

And finally I have had another go at stamping for a birthday card, really need practise with the colouring and shading but hopefully that will come in time!

Well I can hear my own little babies who are 11 and 5 running around upstairs so I guess they are up. Time to see what they want to do today! Take Care. Tracey x

Cards for Dads

Very soon it will be Fathers Day and I am already thinking about the cards I can make and send. I bought a Daddy template which I thought would be nice to try. My dear friend asked me to make her Dads birthday card so I have dropped the Daddy and shortened it to Dad and added lots of embilishments for her lovely dad. I hope that he likes it!

I have added this card in for this weeks Secret Crafter Saturday challenge which was to include brads and eyelets in a card. I've never taken part in a challenge before and not at all sure that I have done it right!

I have also made a card for a three year old and stamped this image of this cute teddy bear.

Again I have added a bit of glitter to this as all girls young and old love a bit of sparkle!

Still have more cards to do so will add some more later. Till then take care and enjoy your weekend.

Tracey x

Getting a Backlog!

Hi all. I've been enjoying the sunshine with the family this bank holiday and have managed two BBQ's! The warm sunshine definately makes me want to be outside in the garden although it means that I am getting behind with the cards! I have made this one for a friend and printed a pattern from Pink Petticoat directly onto the card which was silver. This has given it lovely shiney effect which doesn't show up in the photo.

Another friend also asked me to make a birthday card for her sister so I cut out the flower on my cricut, glittered it and used a beautiful glittery paper from Doodlebug.

I also made a bag charm for my five year old son a few weeks ago and we put it on his school bag. Apparently all the kids in his class loved it so we made some more this weekend to give out to his classmates!

I just printed my stamps onto some shrinkies plastic and coloured them in and then shrunk them very carefully with my heat gun. Its a bit tricky and somtimes they get stuck so I have learnt to place something like a cooling tray for cakes over the top of them and it mostly works!We had fun making these and still didn't get many cards done!

Tracey x

I finally did some stamping!

Well I could put it off no longer, although I have a few stamps I had been a bit scared of using them as when I first tried it didn't turn out too great. However two things happening yesterday, I needed to send a get well soon card and also found a hedgehog in our garden! I took it as a sign that I should get this cute little stamp out and have another try, so here it is.

I used watercoloured pencils and my cricut machine cut out the shapes and as I am still into glitter, I dusted some over the flowers. This is a bit better than my previous attempt and I loved coluring in so I think I will try a few more!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful sunshine! Tracey x

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