I have just been on an Acetate lesson and have therefore been trying to use this in my cards. It adds another dimension and is quite easy to do. I made this card for my boys to send to my mother in law who's birthday it is today!

I then made this card for a friend who wanted a wedding card so I thought I would mount the image onto acetate which made it look a bit more special.

Finally I made this card for my friend to give to her Neice who flies in her spare time. No acetate on this one but I did add some bling!

I have passed on my Honest Scrap award to seven other bloggers who I love to check in with regularly and thanks again to Gemma for passing it on to me. Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sunshine! Tracey x


saved by scrapping! said...

hi tracey, looks like you've been really busy, your cards are beautiful, love the acetate one, never tried that myself, perhaps I'll give it a go, would appreciate any tips though.
thanks for the lovely blog award and your kind words.

anne :)

stephanne said...

Oh yay!! I love the card for your kiddo's nanny. Acetate huh? Looks terrific.

Thanks so much for the award. I will be working on getting that posted on my page tomorrow ;)

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend,

Karen said...

Cute letter beads in the flowers on the birthday card!! And that wedding card is Gorgeous! :>:>

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