Catch Up - Anyone out there?

It has been so long since I last blogged that I am not sure anyone will be reading this anymore, I almost stopped completely but got the urge this afternoon to update my blog anyway, even if its just for me to use as a reference for the cards I have made and things I have been doing.

We have been away twice since we went to Cyprus in June for my sis in laws wedding. We have been to Mustique for another wedding, my hubby was best man and we were only there for three days including travelling!  We had a bit of a relax though and the wedding was truly lovely, I have a thing for sunsets at the moment and took this photo on the evening after the wedding.

The week after that we went away for our annual holiday to Italy. The weather was lovely and warm and we had a lovely time with the kids chilling out and playing in the pool. Every evening there was a beautiful sunset, it felt so peaceful and magical.

I also tried taking a few photographs of the beautiful fields of sunflowers which are so pretty this time of year.

Finally, we had some wildlife come and visit us on holiday, this baby fox came up to join us when we were eating outside. We gave him food and he ate it less than a metre away from where we sat.

And another not so welcome visitor found in our bath!

This photo was taken after I had let the scorpion away outside, they are not so poisonous out there, more like a bee sting but I still would rather he didn't visit again!

Anyway that's enough about sunsets and holidays, we have also completely refurbished our bedroom and hall, stairs and landing and I will post photos of them another time too. I have also taken the sofa out of my craft room which was really just a dumping ground, and moved some furniture around and it feels so much tidier in there now.

As for cards, I have been making some, but just haven't got round to blogging about them and sometimes just didn't have time to photograph them before I sent them out.

I have a couple of cards that friends and family have asked me to make so I shall get back into the swing of things shortly, I hope!

Anyway for someone who wasn't going to blog, I have rattled on enough. I look forward to catching up with you all and hope you are enjoying your summer!

Tracey xx


angelwhispers said...

Still here and love the photo's!!! Sounds like you have had a been very busy so can't wait to see your photos and card creations! Chanelle xxx

Deb said...

good to see you back Tracey, love your photographs, sounds like you had a lovely and busy summer! We are just back from 2 weeks in the UK, it rained pretty much every day so now very glad to be home!
I haven't done much crafty most of the summer but hopefully that will be rectified next week when the kids go back to school!

Little Leslie said...

Tracey, Glad to see you back! It's been a pretty busy summer for us too, but not so much travel, as you have. Your sunset pictures are lovely, and I love the idea of a fox being friendly. The scorpion, not so much.
Have a good rest of the weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing you blog more often!

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