Happy Birthday Hubby!

Hi all, hope you have had a great week. This week we have celebrated my husband's birthday. The sun shone and we had the family over for a lovely bbq and chilled out! Off course I made some cards for him, this one is from our youngest son with an image that looks very much like our own scruffy little dog!

This slightly more grown up one is from our eldest son and using papers and images from Pink Petticoat. I really love these!

Finally I tried to go with something a bit different for my husband and pulled out some paper, chopped it up and made this one below.

Thankfully he really liked it. Which is good as I pass all my cards past my husbands meticulous eye and always get an honest opinion, whether I want to hear it or not!

Finally I just had time to make a wedding card for my friend who liked the butterfly image that I had used on a previous card and printed the name of the bride and groom to make it more personal.

I am now frantically trying to make teacher cards as the kids break up in two weeks time. The youngest one has four teachers so I am going to have to think of something different for each one! Enjoy your weekend, and I look forward to catching up with everyones blog on Sunday!

Tracey x


stephanne said...

You are an expert at wedding cards!! I love the little rhinestones in the butterfly, catches a little light, pops the card but still so elegant. I love the card you've made from yourself for your hubby, I struggle with male cards, as I lean towards the cutesy stuff, but I will have to keep this in mind as it is quite sharp, I can see why he liked it ;) Good luck with the teacher cards, and have fun.

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