Inspired by My Son

I hope all your christmas plans are going well! My youngest son made this wonderful Christmas card for our family at school.

I was so wowed by it that he kindly taught me how to make one so we got out our papers and had a crafty afternoon.

This was soo relaxing to make, just folding paper!

We added some glamour dust to the edges and tried different colours too.

We made ornaments, tags, cards, such fun!

But best of all was my son's creation when I let him loose on the bradlet draw!

Fantastic! Can't top that one, lots of christmas sparkle!

Have a wonderful run up to christmas.

Tracey x


Paper Pixie Handmade Cards said...

what a lovely idea and what a busy day you have had K xx

Anonymous said...

Absoluty `Gorgeous`...
Move over Tim Holtz your sons cards are fabulous:) x

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