Bizarre Weekend and a Card!

Hi all, I hope that are having a wonderful weekend. Hubby is away this weekend so it is just me and the kids so its been full and fun packed for sure!

I have been getting into my scrapbooking a bit more lately and have booked to go to the Scrapagogo retreat with my friend Linzi in October. I am a real beginner at this and here are just a couple of the pages that I have finished.

All of the kiddie winks of course!

I have been very sparse in the card making department but did manage to make a card for Paula when I sent her some tree stamped images.

This weekend I have been to see Alice in Wonderland with the kids which was good fun. Now for the bizarre part, I also helped my eldest son make a picture of a tomato with tomato ketchup

And for some strange reason I offered to make Olly a wormery!

Yes you read right a wormery, we saw one in a catalogue yesterday and I asked if he would like one, anyway he went on so much about it and got so excited that I printed off instructions from the internet and made him one myself!  If you don't like worms look away now!

Yes there are 14 of the little wrigglers in there, I had to help dig and pick them out and we will feed them and look after them. In case you are worried no worms have been harmed in this process and they will be let free again in a couple of weeks! Funny bit is I have told Olly that he can take it in for Show and Tell Tomorrow, can't wait to see the teachers face!

Anyway thats all for me, I am off to tidy up, only a couple of hours until hubby as home and I am sooo looking forward to a glass of wine!

Tracey x


Paula Gale said...

Tracey - your boys are gorgeous... and the layouts you've done make it look like you've been doing it for years and is second nature to you... beginner? - Nah!!!

P.s. the card is fab and is something that i'll be sharing on WOYWW - I already e-mailed and thanked you - but THANKS AGAIN.

Hope you got your glass of wine in the end. You derserve it after making tomato ketchup art AND a wormery!!!

Well done on all counts.


Paula x x x

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