A Craft Room at Last!

We have come back from our lovely holiday and rather than feel the usual post holiday blues I am actually really excited because my lovely hubby has said that I can move all of my crafting stuff into the dining room which we never use! I think he was getting a bit fed up with the mess in the family room and at least I can close the door on the dining room and he won't have to look at it!

So this week we got the old dining room table out of storage, and I moved all of my stuff in (and ordered a few more bits of course because now I have more room to store it). I was even treated to a new computer and printer (hadn't realised he was that keen for the mess to disappear or I would have asked earlier!)

Anyway what with that and the kids still being on summer holidays I have not had a great deal of time to make cards this week. I needed to make some for a couple for friends so I made some really quick ones up on the computer. Cheating I know and not alot of talent involved, but I like how they turned out none the less.

The first card is for my hubby to say thankyou.

The next one is for my friend and her hubby who celebrate their wedding anniversary soon.

There is actually some glitter dust around the heart but it has not come out very clearly on the photo. This one is for one of my dear friends who was wearing a scarf that I really liked so she bought me one.

I did add a little glitter dust to some of the petals, the card looks more striking than on the photo. Finally I was looking through the images on Microsoft and found this kind of tribal image and wondered how it would work for a teenage boys birthday card.

This was the result. I added a bit of bling for his eyes too. I quite like it, my son who is two years off being a teenager liked it so I may keep it in mind.

Finally we had grandad over for fish and chips on Friday and he looked really well. We had a lovely evening with him and the kids were really excited to see him. He was saying that he looks in on my blog so I just would like to say hi to grandad!

I am off to look blog hop with a quick cup of tea before we head of to my sister-in-laws for a family get together. Have a great week all!

Tracey x


stephanne said...

Hi Pops!!! You know, in case grandpa is looking at this post!! A space, woopie!! It's good, I think that will help with the mess, I know my 2 little stack-n-sorts in the corner of the dining room has helped me quite a bit to keep the mess off of the table. Well, some of the mess, lol.

You know, that is a great teen boy graphic and the gems are a nice touch. I rather like that image, and with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos coming up on me, I'd like to find something similar, they look a little bit like sugar skulls. Neat!!

You may have been forced into cheating, but the cards still look great!!
Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!!

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